Active Shooter Detection Sensors

Shot Tracer's Active Shooting Sensors are built for the safety of Banks, Classrooms, Offices, and Law Enforcement.

Shot Tracer Eagle is the future of Active shooter detection systems!

When the Shot Tracer® Eagle AP & IP/NT detects active shooting events in Banks, Offices, Federal Buildings and Embassies, an alert is sent rapidly to your existing alarm system, cell phone, computer using Verizon Cellular*, or existing networks with cabled ethernet.  It sends SMS text messages and email’s within seconds of a detection.  Shot Tracer® Falcon Pen is designed specifically for law enforcement and clips into a front pocket. The customer can set-up the notification list to ensure diverse notifications. A manual pull-down switch for the Eagle is an option as well. Active shooter alerting is needed more than ever!   WATCH DEMONSTRATION VIDEO>

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Cellular notifications powered by Verizon Wireless in the United States or any GSM provider globally.

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Please call us today for answers on how Shot Tracer® gunshot detection systems can provide a safer haven for classrooms, inside commercial buildings, and law enforcement personnel. Shot Tracer can eliminate the “human factor” of confusion, panic, and mistakes that are made under emergency situations with gunfire.

Banks, Office, & Classroom Active Shooter Detection

The Shot Tracer Eagel AP, and Eagle IP Active Shooter alert sensors, use your existing alarm system, or are cellular enabled* IP alerting. Each product is a must for protecting the lives of bank and office employees, and students during an active shooter event.

Officer Worn
Gunshot Detection

Verizon Cellular enabled* IP alerting personnel gunshot detection sensor that is worn on the officer outer vest and alerts dispatch with a time and location the moment a gunshot is detected.  In addition the sensor provides critical shooter information (such as how did the shooting) to enable faster response.